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Our Mission

The Health Wagon mission and some photos from the 60 minutes interviews


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Canning Tomatoes w My Mother In Law & Daughter












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I was asked to give a speech…….interesting haha

So…..one of my good friends asked me to give a speech on behalf of her free health clinic…….here is what I have to say. Let me know what you think, and if by some chance you’d be interested in donating to Healthwagon of southwest Virginia then by all means do !!!


A chief contributor to the Health Wagon, Commonwealth Catholic Charities. Paula and Teresa’s show above with the Bishop of the Diocese of Richmond Va

Now, for my speech:

When David first contacted me to ask if I would consider addressing you all for a few minutes this evening, my first thought was A FEW MINUTES!! That’s an awfully long time!!! Since then though, it has come to mind that a few minutes is not nearly long enough.

Many of you here tonight do not know me at all, so I will introduce myself. My name is ———– , my husband ———– and I live in ——– with my two children ——-&——–. Many of you know my husband and I am sure most all of you know his mother ———— executive director of the local chamber of commerce.

For 22 years my husband was a manager for Verizon, in 2009 he retired and began a second career in law enforcement. In April of this year he surprised me by changing departments and taking a position with the ——– County Sheriffs Office. After accepting the position as deputy sheriff, we were told we would not have health insurance for the first 30 days of his employment there. 30 days, that doesn’t seem like a terribly long time in the grand scheme of life does it?

Imagine to how to my horror, on the DAY AFTER our health insurance ended from the previous employer, our daughter fell while skate boarding and injured her wrist. Not even 12 hours after our insurance was dropped, I faced an emergency not with my own health, but with my child’s health. Fortunately for me, I knew Paula and Teresa, I knew about the Healthwagon and I knew they could and would help me. Fortunately my daughters injury was not severe enough to warrant having to see a pediatric orthopedist. Certainly Paula and Teresa became my personal heroes that day, saving me hundreds of dollars. With this behind us, after a few days things went back to the normal stride of life….until 5 days later when I received a phone call reminding me I had an appointment with a neurologist, an appointment I had been waiting three months for. Now here I stood, facing another medical dilemma with no health insurance.

At the time of that phone call, I had been having episodes of some fairly extreme neurological symptoms which later were diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia. If I rescheduled I would have to wait 3 months again….I was faced with a decision, could I endure 3 months of these episodes of bone crushing facial pain knowing that they could be a symptom of something as serious as a brain tumor or MS? I had to decide right then and there

Just How Much Is My Health Worth?

Fortunately because I, unlike most others without health coverage, had the finances to pay out of pocket for that appointment, I was able to keep it. At the appointment however, the neuro decided that it was necessary that I have an MRI w and w out contrast, an MRA, and a blink reflex test to rule out a brain tumor and MS. At that point, facing thousands of dollars worth of medical testing, once again I had to decide….


I explained to the neurologist that I would not have health insurance for 24 more days and I asked him just how urgent it was that I have these tests completed? Could they wait? Fortunately he felt they could wait, even in a worst case scenario of a brain tumor, 24 days wasn’t really going to affect anything. Had it been longer, 60-90 days however, he would had felt differently. So, for 24 days I waited…wondering DO I HAVE A TUMOR IN MY BRAIN? Or MS?

24 days….doesn’t seem that long does it? Not when you’re rushing around doing life, but believe me when you’re waiting, wondering if you have a brain tumor…24 days is a LIFETIME 24 days wondering what life will be like once you have that answer, 24 says to wonder what would happen to your children, your husband…..your family. Fortunately for me, that worry was unnecessary as I did not have the tumor or ms. Fortunately for me I knew exactly when I would be able to get the healthcare I needed.

For untold numbers, right here in our own back yard….our neighbors, our friends, our families….they’re without health insurance, and without hope. There is no end in sight for them, No 24 day countdown, there’s nothing…..NOTHING except The Health Wagon. Nothing except Paula, Teresa, Dr.S, and their team.

The Healthwagon reaches out, and like a ray of sunshine beams into darkness, they reach into the depths of despair and they give hope, they give help, they give.

Paula, Teresa, Dr. S and their team, give from the abundance of their love for others and from their sincere desire to meet people where they are and bring to them the most basic necessity…..healthcare. They’re amply filling Sister Bernadette Kennedy’s vision to take healthcare to the people who otherwise wouldn’t have any…..people like me last May….and people unlike any
we have ever known. People living in the most destitute situations. Tey go showing no prejudice, no judgement, asking no questions…simply reaching out because they are able . They’re able because of you, because of your generosity. You have enabled them to go further and do more each time and for that I thank you .


Above my mother in law executive director of chamber of commerce is preparing for the HW RIBBON CUTTING at their new clinic.









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Photo Field Trip

Our Family would like to partner with a family (preferably outside our area) to exchange “photo field trips ” with. In other words, we would go and visit the highlights of our “area” and send to you photographs, pamphlets, historical information, geographical information, etc and you would reciprocate. An opportunity if you will, for a child outside the coalfields of Southwestern Virginia to learn more about what it is like to live in a very rural area. An opportunity for our children to learn about a place that they perhaps haven’t visited (which is a challenge bc we travel extensively) or to see it from the perspective of a person who lives there.

If you’re interested shoot me a message!


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Pearls of Great Price

Matthew 13v 45-46

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:
46 Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it


God looked upon me as a pearl of great price, this is why he redeemed me through his son Jesus. He redeemed me not because of anything I could ever do to deserve such a wonderful gift of grace and mercy but because he saw his creation (me) in desperate need before I was even created.

What was it that he saw in me worth redeeming?

I have no idea, I suppose he saw a person created in his own image who would die and go to Hell unless he made a way to reconnect with me. When I think about this great parental love that our father God has for us, I can only begin to imagine that he feels more love towards me than I do my own children even….and that is hard to comprehend considering how I love them so.

When I look at my children, I see myself ( in image…because they look so doggone much like me its unreal), they are a part of me…at their core they bear my imprint (genetically speaking). My children are my own pearls of great price, I would give all that I am, have, and ever will be for them…right down to my very life. When I reflect upon this I can only begin to think….God entrusted their lives to ME….he loaned them to ME for such a time as this, that THROUGH them I could grow (as they grow) and be sharpened (as iron sharpens iron) and they too could grow and be sharpened. Homeschooling is but a tool in my Master’s hand for growing and sharpening me, it is a challenge but luckily for me his mercies are new every morning!

What are you willing to sacrifice for your pearls of great price?

When God called me to homeschool, I had a lucrative career, free babysitter (my mom), and I could reasonably afford all of the finer things that life had to offer for my children. I could have paid for a fine private christian education, I could have had a little more “me time”, as so many moms like to call it.

When God called me, he asked me to sacrifice all of that in exchange for this beautiful chaotic mess! Would I quit my job? Would I keep my children home with me and teach them of Him? Would I educate them academically AND spiritually? Would I sacrifice my “me time” in order to provide them with more of me?

When God called me….he was asking HOW MUCH ARE THOSE PEARLS WORTH?

How much are those pearls worth? How obedient are you willing to be? Are you willing to go and sell all that you have in order to purchase these pearls? Will you sell out completely to follow MY calling on your life? Will you exchange your will for MY will? Are you just playing the part of obedient follower or are you REALLY obedient? How MUCH are those pearls worth? Are they worth sacrificing for? Do you see them as I see them, the same way I see you? A child who is worth investing in, a child who is lost and needs direction, love, attention, worth sacrificing for. Do you see it? Are you truly treating them as if they were your pearls of great price?

a pic from the first days of homeschooling below, my babies and my nephews.



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Truth Is….

Do you notice these on your facebook newsfeed as often as I notice them on mine? It’s the new thing….quite frankly I wonder if any of these people have ever heard the truth before. Since I am doubting that 98% of them have, I’m going to share a little TRUTH with you here on my own little blog (aka soapbox). Be ready though, because the TRUTH often hurts. I’ll start with some cushy little truths that most of you will be comfortable with, but by the time I am finished rest assured you will either A.) HATE ME or B.) RESPECT ME.


Truth Is…..


The TRUTH (Jesus) is coming….and he will speak a truth that no man can deny! Every tongue will confess (the truth) and every knee will bow. #BEREADY4TRUTH


The TRUTH is…the BIBLE says BE KIND…it did NOT say BE NICE…there IS a difference. Kindness is based upon good will, Niceness is based upon being agreeable. Kindness speaks truth because it loves, Niceness tickles ears because it doesn’t want to hurt feelings. Kindness walks, Niceness only talks. #BeKIND4getBeingNice


The TRUTH is….God is a JUST God…he looks not upon our ACTS but upon our HEARTS. His perspective is NOT based upon what a “good” person we are…our goodness is but as filthy rags in his sight. His word states directly that there is but ONE way to him and that is through his son Jesus. So being good is fine…but having JESUS is paramount! #GoodPeopleDOgoToHell


The TRUTH is….People do NOT become angels when they die(sorry…but they dont…angels cannot be people…and people cannot ever be angels).


The TRUTH is…..you can’t preach someone into Heaven….its funny how everybody is a saint after they die. #LetYourTESTIMONYSpeakJesus


The TRUTH is….God speaks DIRECTLY AGAINST some things…HE CALLS THEM WRONG…Therefore I too can call them wrong and this is NOT hating. #TakeItUpWithTheAuthor


The TRUTH is….Buying a chicken sandwich isn’t going to change the world! #GoVOTEgetObamaOUTofOFFICE


The TRUTH is….I really don’t care if you like the truth or not… The TRUTH will stand when the WORLD is on fire#I’llSpeakItAnyway






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Intimidation Will Turn Giant Killers Into Grasshoppers

Every homeschool parent has experienced fear of inadequacy, any who would deny that are either 1.) lying or 2.) well…. lying.  Everyone everywhere has experienced fear of inadequacy in some area of their lives, but for homeschoolers this is the stuff nightmares are made of.  There is something specific though that I would like to point out, this fear intimidates, that is why it is so effective.  Let us now explore intimidation.


The bible tells us a story of the 12 spies going into the promised land to “check things out”.  Caleb and Joshua of course were the only 2 who came back with good reports and hope for conquering it.  The other 10 however, reported that they were in their own sight, as grasshoppers and so they were in the eyes of the giants in the land as well.


Did you see that?  They defeated themselves long before the enemy had an opportunity!  They were intimidated by the giants and so they saw themselves as grasshopper sized, they felt they were no match for the task at hand.  Intimidation caused them not to want to go and claim the promise, isn’t that sad?  How familiar does that sound to you?  God called you to homeschooling, so you tiptoed into homeschool land but you see the “giants” in the land.  Teaching your child to read, teaching them higher maths, and foreign languages etc.  and all of these “giants” cause you to feel very much the way the other 10 spies felt, no match for the task.  Intimidation turns giant killers into grasshoppers.  We forget that when God calls us to a task he enables us to perform it!  When God brought the Israelites out of Egypt, he already knew who lived in Canaan.   He knew when he called you to homeschooling, all that homeschooling entails!  There are no surprises in God’s book, he wrote it cover to cover before he laid the foundations of the Earth, so why do we fear ?


There are some things you should know about intimidation.  First, let me say that if you can be intimidated you can be isolated, and once you are isolated you are easily conquered.  Second,  Satan wants you to be intimidated, because if you aren’t he knows you’re coming to claim your promise.  It is easy to find yourself in an intimidating situation, but there are safeguards that prevent you from succumbing to it.  Let me share a few with you.


1.) Protect your “water source”, remember to be daily replenished through prayer.  Do not allow your circumstances to draw your attention away from your source.  If you do, you will dry out and very soon you will be intimidated, isolated, and then defeated. Keep your eyes set upon Jesus, and remember that God gives us victory even when we ought to have defeat.  Trust steadfastly in the Lord, not in anything of your own power or ability.


2.) Never let Satan set the terms for the battle.  Never let him convince you that you must meet him on his terms in order to conquer him.  Instead, be like David, go meet him in the name of the Lord.  Speak to your enemy, Speak to God about your enemy.  Speak to your enemy, step up! Tell that fear that you are not afraid, you know that God called you to this and so he will walk you through it.  Remind the enemy that though you walk through the valley of the shadow, the rod and staff will be your comfort.


3.) Recognize that you belong to God, Satan is trespassing when he messes with you.  God has guaranteed aleady that the victory will be yours.   Keep walking in faith, heading directly towards your promises, never give up or sit down on the job.  Keep in mind, that faith without works is dead.  You are going to have to “hoof it” across a few dry places, but ultimately following the calling of God will result in victory.


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