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Pearls of Great Price

Matthew 13v 45-46

Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls:
46 Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it


God looked upon me as a pearl of great price, this is why he redeemed me through his son Jesus. He redeemed me not because of anything I could ever do to deserve such a wonderful gift of grace and mercy but because he saw his creation (me) in desperate need before I was even created.

What was it that he saw in me worth redeeming?

I have no idea, I suppose he saw a person created in his own image who would die and go to Hell unless he made a way to reconnect with me. When I think about this great parental love that our father God has for us, I can only begin to imagine that he feels more love towards me than I do my own children even….and that is hard to comprehend considering how I love them so.

When I look at my children, I see myself ( in image…because they look so doggone much like me its unreal), they are a part of me…at their core they bear my imprint (genetically speaking). My children are my own pearls of great price, I would give all that I am, have, and ever will be for them…right down to my very life. When I reflect upon this I can only begin to think….God entrusted their lives to ME….he loaned them to ME for such a time as this, that THROUGH them I could grow (as they grow) and be sharpened (as iron sharpens iron) and they too could grow and be sharpened. Homeschooling is but a tool in my Master’s hand for growing and sharpening me, it is a challenge but luckily for me his mercies are new every morning!

What are you willing to sacrifice for your pearls of great price?

When God called me to homeschool, I had a lucrative career, free babysitter (my mom), and I could reasonably afford all of the finer things that life had to offer for my children. I could have paid for a fine private christian education, I could have had a little more “me time”, as so many moms like to call it.

When God called me, he asked me to sacrifice all of that in exchange for this beautiful chaotic mess! Would I quit my job? Would I keep my children home with me and teach them of Him? Would I educate them academically AND spiritually? Would I sacrifice my “me time” in order to provide them with more of me?

When God called me….he was asking HOW MUCH ARE THOSE PEARLS WORTH?

How much are those pearls worth? How obedient are you willing to be? Are you willing to go and sell all that you have in order to purchase these pearls? Will you sell out completely to follow MY calling on your life? Will you exchange your will for MY will? Are you just playing the part of obedient follower or are you REALLY obedient? How MUCH are those pearls worth? Are they worth sacrificing for? Do you see them as I see them, the same way I see you? A child who is worth investing in, a child who is lost and needs direction, love, attention, worth sacrificing for. Do you see it? Are you truly treating them as if they were your pearls of great price?

a pic from the first days of homeschooling below, my babies and my nephews.




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If you’re going to homeschool….you need to strive for an unoffendable heart

Brookelynn:  “I guess we didn’t accomplish anything, huh mommy?”

What do you say to that?  How do you answer a child who is hurt?

Today, our church recognized the accomplishments of students who were moving from one grade to another.  They recognized them for their academic excellence, their sports accomplishments, and their community service awards given to them by the schools they attend.  As they filed the children in from children’s church and seated my children with me, Brookelynn said “I guess we didn’t accomplish anything, huh mommy?” with a look of hurt on her face.

I suppose I should warn you homeschool moms out there who may be new to the game…..when you’re going against the “norm”, you should prepare your heart for days like these.  I can tell you, because I’ve lived long enough and homeschooled long enough (5 years) to know, your heart will be broken for your children many times because you’ve chosen to take the alternate route and not public or privately school them.  Early on, it wasn’t something I considered because I didn’t think my children would notice. The sad fact is, as they have grown in knowledge and understanding, they have become aware of the difference made between themselves and their publicly or privately schooled counterparts.  So what’s a homeschool mom to do?

My “quick” answer is, tell your children that they are really very accomplished.  Explain to them that although they do not attend a public prison, oops i meant SCHOOL, they are still equally accomplished and likely even more accomplished academically and athletically than those in public schools but unfortunately the “world” doesn’t recognize this because you’ve decided not to conform to the world.   Then, use this as a lesson to teach them the value of posessing an unoffendable heart.  


to be continued…….


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